Since 1978, Transfer from Fiumicino Airport

Coop Airport is a full-service transportation company with driver that has been operating in the Rome area for over 40 years. #1 Priority  is to provide all corporate customers with an exceptional service service. Whether you are organizing a large corporate event (eg Altamoda, events @Fiera di Roma) or simply spending just one night in the city, we have fleet and competitive prices to meet your needs.

The main company office is located 1 km from Fiumicino Airport, as well as a reception desk at Terminal 1. The company is an operating partner of the major companies present in Rome with direct connections from the airports of Rome and the railway stations; It successfully supports the Roman Congress Centers as well as the major events in the field of Fashion and Politics.

The constant effort is to offer reliable service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

So, any need or request of the client, our fleet of luxurious sedans and limousines is the ideal solution to move around Rome. Coop Airport NCC is the first NCC operator in Fiumicino Airport for vehicles and drivers in force, which allows us to maintain long-term relationships with every single client, private or company.

We achieve it by providing each customer with the most luxurious and reliable service imaginable.

Each of our professional drivers is multilingual and certified, this guarantees that every customer can experience the same level of quality for which our company is known. And as you might expect, every single car in our fleet is meticulously clean, well maintained, as well as having all the necessary permissions required by national and local legislation.

Coop Airport NCC was founded in 1978. The business started with a mere fleet of a few sedans, has rapidly grown to over one hundred sedans, twelve Van. As our customers recognize, our growth is a consequence of the quality of service rendered to our customers. The success of Coop Airport as NCC in Rome does not derive from the size of our fleet, but rather from the positive experiences and relationships with customers that we daily carry.

So the president of Coop Airport, Paolo Marini: “We know that our customers are the most important aspect of our NCC service, so we go far beyond a” good quality “transport service to make sure that a level satisfaction always 100% “

Thanks to customers who constantly give positive reviews, Coop Airport NCC has become the preferred supplier of the Ministries that Rome has their headquarters, but it is also the first choice for individual customers who use our services for hourly arrangements, connections in Rome, airport transfers but also special events and private events.

Customers have different needs, so to better serve each category of clientele, the transport services rendered are:

• Airport transfers

• Port Transfers (Port of Civitavecchia)

• Corporate transport

• National and international transport

• Special events

• Private events

Did you know that Coop Airport has the best quality / price ratio in Rome?

With € 50 you have a driver waiting at the airport in Fiumicino, ready to accompany you in the car and a quick connection to the city center of Rome. Our fleet consists of over 150 Sedan model cars and over 10 Van. At Fiumicino airport, our success derives from providing an efficient, simple, fluid, luxurious and convenient service.

Coop Airport as NCC in Rome mainly offers limousine services to and from destinations in the metropolitan area of Rome, as well as transfer services from Fiumicino Airport to the Port of Civitavecchia. Coop Airport Noleggio con Conducente is a leading airport transportation service to Rome and the Port of Civitavecchia. We specialize in quality transportation services for corporate clients, as well as for tourists or residents.

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